Relationships That Rock vs. Relationships That Suck

Over the past few months we’ve been working through the first 10 of my 50 Super Habits. What are super habits? They’re habits that help you to be more efficient, effective, and successful in any area of life. The #8 habit on the list is the habit of building positive relationships. This might sound simple, but not always. Sometimes we wind up in relationships that do more harm than good.

Relationships That Suck

We’ve all had them: relationships with people who are only out for themselves. These are relationships that suck. Some people are selfish and that’s all there is to it. Some people only want to be your friend so that they can get something from you. If you are involved with people in this category, find ways to spend less time with those people. In time the relationship can simply fade away.

Another kind of person you don’t want to be around is the negative or angry person. Anyone who is always telling you that something can’t be done or getting upset with you over the smallest of things is extra baggage. Let them go. I know that it’s not always that simple. But if there are negative and angry people in your life that are not family members or the closest of friends, cut the ties. And if you do have to continue the relationship, limit how much time you spend with these negative people.

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Relationships That Rock

Succesful people surround themselves with other successful people. But simply being successful doesn’t automatically lead to relationships that rock. We have to seek out positive relationships. What kinds of things should you look for in a relationship? What makes a relationship work? Here are five key factors:

  1. Supportiveness: Whether it’s a business partner or a potential spouse, it’s essential to build relationships that have an element of mutual support. Look for people that are going to work with you rather than against you.
  2. Communication: Miscommunication kills. Seek out this who have simple and effective communication skills. Would you rather get the facts quickly and directly or try to decipher poor messages? I know which one I prefer.
  3. Commitment: If your friend or partner is less committed to the relationship than you are, they will actually hold more power in the relationship. But they might also put important things off. Make sure you try to develop relationships that are equally yoked in the area of commitment.
  4. Integrity: Honesty, dependability, and loyalty can all be wrapped up in this one word: integrity. If you’re in a relationship with someone who lacks integrity, you might want to rethink that relationship.
  5. Passion: Let’s face it, without passion life gets dull. Whether it’s business or pleasure, passionate relationships are much more interesting and exciting than bland ones. As a musician, I could never be in a band with musicians that lack a passion for music.

It’s a Simple Choice

There you have it. It’s a simple choice. you can have relationships that rock or relationships that suck. The choice is yours. With the right relationships and attitude you can do anything.

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