Size Matters, but Bigger Is Not Always Better

I’m currently in the process of selling my house. The plan is to sell this house and buy another one. People do it all the time, right? Why? More often than not, they want something bigger. Of course, size matters, but smaller is often better.

Some Things Are Better Smaller

Everybody’s circumstances are different, but for me, smaller is often much better. Let’s look at some things that might be better smaller:

  1. Houses: A smaller house costs less, requires less upkeep, and costs less to heat. You won’t need as much furniture. There won’t be spaces that just collect stuff you don’t really need. And you’ll learn to work with others who live with you.
  2. Cars: Fuel economy. Period. Oh, and in some cases, power and speed.
  3. Computers: I love small laptops. They are much easier to carry and use.
  4. Dogs: My dog, Shep, is a medium-large-sized dog. However, if I ever get another dog, it will be small. Why? Less food. Less hair. Easier to travel with.

If you want to keep life simple, consider keeping some things small.

Size Matters

I could write a 5000-word essay on this topic, but why? You’d be less likely to read the whole thing. So I’m going to keep this post short and simple, because bigger is not always better. This way, you get the gist of my message without too many details.

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