Super Habit #30: Surround Yourself With Mentors

If you want to improve at what you do, find others who do it better than you. It’s a simple concept. We get better when we work with experts, people who can become our mentors and help us to improve. This is one of the essential Super Habits.

But where do we find mentors? How can we meet others who will work with us? It’s not always easy, but in today’s world, it’s easier than ever.

Mentors to Help You to Learn the Ropes

Whether you’re a writer, a builder, or a speaker, there are people who can help you improve at  your craft.

I know, some of you might think that you don’t need help. It’s easy to believe that we are unique individuals who can find our own way. I used to think I could do things all by myself.

Looking back, I’ve had many mentors all along the way. In my late teens and twenties, there were a handful of people who taught me the basics of music, guitar, and songwriting. At age 30, I went back to college to learn how to write, speak, and work in radio. Many of my teachers became long-term mentors. And as a blogger, I’ve worked with others who’ve been more successful at blogging.

Where to Find Good Mentors

  1. Family/friends: Don’t overlook the most obvious places. Your family and friends each have their own talents. I have a good friend who can do almost anything when it comes to homesteading. Whenever I need help with home repairs or information about working around my own property, I call on him. He’s younger than me, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be a mentor.
  2. Teachers: If you’re really serious about learning something, consider taking a course on the subject. I learned to become a teacher by working with people who had already taught for many years. A few of my old teachers have become lifelong mentors.
  3. Community leaders: Another place to find mentors is to reach out to people in your community. Some people may be too busy to work with you. However, many community leaders, teachers, journalists, clergy, politicians, etc., are very willing to mentor someone who is motivated to learn. Sometimes, these kinds of relationships can lead to jobs or even careers in your chosen field.
  4. Online: We now have the ability to connect to mentors all around the world. I’ve learned a lot by following some of the bloggers and online writers who inspire me. I’ve stopped short of paying for online coaching, but that is always an option if you can afford to pay an expert for their time. The key is to be open and willing to learn.

Successful People Accept Mentoring

If you study successful people, you’ll discover a lot of stories about mentorship. Although it can be easy to think that we have enough information, knowledge, or talent, there are always others who have more experience than us.

If you make yourself willing and available to others, you might be surprised about how willing they will be to work with you. People want to share their expertise with people who are excited and ready to learn. Are you ready to find mentors today?

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