Never Give Up, Just Keep Moving Forward

Change. It can be difficult. But it’s the only constant. A few days ago I made a decision to make a change. Does that mean I’m giving up on long-held beliefs? Never. I’m just moving forward.

I’ll Always Have a Minimalist Mindset

We can never know exactly what the future will bring. Maybe my Hip Diggs‘ blog will blow up and start getting 100,000 visits a day next week. If it does, I’d be a fool not to take advantage of that kind of traffic. But truth be told, there’s more to life than minimalism. I’ll keep operating Hip Diggs for some time to come, but I’ll be putting more energy here in the future.

I’m not giving up on minimalism, it’s simply that I have bigger dreams and goals than minimalism can support. For me, minimalism is not the end. It’s part of the means to something more important, something greater than myself.

My goal is to motivate others to do more than just get rid of stuff and live in small spaces. I want to help people reach their goals. I want to help others gain the ability and the desire to serve others.

So What Will This Blog Be About?

It’s simple. This won’t be a blog about minimalism. It won’t be a blog about creativity. But it will include both of those disciplines as part of a strategy to reach our greatest potential. I’m going to post regularly about ways you can create simple lifestyle habits to help you find more freedom and success.

Currently, I’m making some content changes to my pages. You can learn more about the new direction of by taking a quick look at those pages:

I’m keeping everything simple. Expect some design changes soon, but nothing over the top. Thanks for reading, and I hope that I’ll be able to help you on your journey to turn your simple lifestyle habits into a successful future.

Remember, never give up, just keep moving forward.