An Anderhill Music Update: Spring 2020

I stopped sharing everything about my creative journey as Anderhill on several months back. But that doesn’t mean that I’ve quit creating new material.

The main reason that I stopped posting Anderhill news here is simple. I created a website exclusively for Anderhill. So you can learn about my latest productions over there anytime.

Since posting my Subway Music project, I’ve created a bunch of new stuff. I’m also slowly moving Anderhill in a new direction.

The Latest Music from Anderhill

Here are my latest playlists from Anderhill:

I’ve also produced a few long-play, stand-alone tracks:

Subtle Changes Coming to Anderhill

If you’ve listened to my work as Anderhill, you know that the music is ambient and very meditative in nature. I use lots of drone notes and repetition.

There are generally no lyrics or words. Musically, I use very subtle changes, both rhythmically and melodically. In fact, Anderhill barely uses melody at all. So what are the subtle changes coming?

In the past few months I’ve started adding guitar samples into the mix. Originally a singer-songwriter, I’ve been working toward bringing lyrics and vocals to the Anderhill sound. I keep hesitating to add vocals, but I continue to experiment with the idea. So there’s a good chance it’s coming.

I’m also a big fan of blues and country-blues music. I’ve already started adding hints of blues into Anderhill. My goal is to continue moving in that direction.

I’m not going to stop being experimental or using ambient textures. I’m simply going to continue to add more guitar, slide guitar, and harmonica into the overall sound. It’s all part of the journey.