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I’ve been cutting back on blogging to start focusing on creative coaching. That’s right, I’ve opened up my services to help you on your creative writing, blogging, or public speaking projects. I know there are hundreds of coaches out there. So why should you choose my services? Read on…

coach-407290_1280 Creative coaching: Photo of coaching

I’m sure you can find coaches out there that are more popular or have had more monetary success than me. You’ll also pay a higher price for their services. But popularity and success in the market are not always the best qualities of a good coach. Experience in the subject at hand speaks much louder.

Guys like Michael Hyatt, Jeff Goins, Chris Brogan, and my friend Kimanzi Constable have great coaching services to offer you. But they’re busy individuals. How much time can they give you personally? And how much will it cost? Plus, as much as I love these guys, they’re not creatives. They’re movers and shakers. I want to offer you my creative expertise.

Here’s a list of my experience in the world of creative writing, blogging, and teaching public speaking:

Creative writing


  • Started and operated several successful blogs: Hip Diggs, Simple Writer, Simple Blogger.
  • Understand how to create and develop self-hosted blogs.
  • Comprehend how to write quality content for niche blogs.
  • Understand how to use plugins and widgets.
  • Practiced and managed social media plans.

Teaching/Public Speaking

  • Prepared and presented speeches on a variety of topics.
  • Delivered speeches to small and medium-sized audiences
  • Taught public speaking at the college level for more than 15 years.
  • Taught a variety of other communication courses including: Feature Writing, Mass Media, Interpersonal Communication, and Social Media at the college level.

Let’s Talk

If you want help with a creative project, I have several creative coaching packages available. I’m an experienced teacher, writer, and blogger. I can help you get a book project off the ground, launch a blog, or write songs and poetry. If you’d like more information about my coaching services, please feel free to contact me @

I also encourage you to sign up for my free newsletter and get free sample chapters from my first book, A Train Called ForgivenessI look forward to hearing from you.

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Straight, No Chaser

shot-glass-35477_1280 Straight, no chaser, photo of whiskey glass

I’ve been around 50 years

I’ve had my share of heartache and tears

I’ve been beaten, I’ve been bruised

Been mistreated, I’ve been used

So give it to me straight, no chaser

Just tell it like it is or don’t say anything at all

Copyright 2014 by Dan Erickson & Missouri-Bound Music

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Considering Important Things In LIfe

I’ve been evaluating the value of success versus the value of love, health and happiness. Today, I’m considering important things. As a blogger, I’ve seen too many people attempting to make millions at the cost of their own health and happiness. At times, I have been guilty of these things. No more.

old-people-616718_1280 Considering Important: Photo of happy, old peopleThis might sound funny, but blogging and writing can be dangerous. They can be hazardous to your health. I’ve watched it again and again: People chasing success only to forego what’s really important in this life. You should be considering important things in life. Your family, health and happiness should always come first.

Considering Important Things In Life

Family: I’m a single dad. I need to be available for my daughter. There have been times that I’ve let writing and blogging get in the way of that availability. I kept pushing on the faulty assumption that if I just worked harder, I’d finally break through and make money. I thought that success and money would make me happy. Wrong.

I also have aging parents, brothers, sisters, and good friends. These are the people that will be there for me in my time of need. That’s more than success could ever offer.

See what I learned from a summer without Internet.

Health: Writing and blogging keeps you sitting on your butt staring at a screen. Sitting has been proven to hazardous for your health. I’ve developed more back and neck problems from too much sitting and writing. I’ve ignored exercise too many times because I wanted to write one more post. I’ve let my health slide a bit. No more.

I’m a college instructor. I have a good insurance plan. I’m going to use it. I’m going to make sure to be proactive in regard to my health. I’m almost 52 years old. My body is changing. I’m going to get potential problems checked before they go too far. I’m going to take more time to exercise and eat healthy. It’s what’s best for me, my daughter, and all of my loved ones.

Happiness: I went through a messy divorce. I’ve spent nine years without a life partner. I was putting so much time and effort into my writing dream that I didn’t give myself time to work on a new relationship. I’ve learned.

I know the time has come to make some changes and actively work toward creating a healthy relationship with a new life partner. It’s my happiness that’s at stake. Happiness is good medicine. It will keep us healthy longer.

I don’t know about you, but I’d like to live a happy and healthy life. I’d like to grow old with the people I love. I don’t want to sacrifice the good things in life for success. That doesn’t mean I’ll quit writing and blogging. It just means I’ll make sure to put the more important things first.

Have you taken time to evaluate what you’re doing? Have you been considering important things in life? 

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I’m Not So Young Anymore

gangster-539993_1280 Not So Young: Black an white photo of tough young man

Turned fifty.

I’m not so young anymore.

Act twenty.

I’m not so young anymore.

Frozen shoulder.

I’m not so young anymore.

Inguinal hernia.

I’m not so young anymore.

New clothes, a little tight.

New car, a little fast.

I’m not so young anymore.

Stop trying so hard.

Downshift into success.

Find grace in every moment

with a willingness to accept.

I’m not so young anymore.

Yet I’m not too old to cut loose,

love, and have a good time.

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Balancing Online And Offline Life

There are days I want to quit blogging and cancel all my social media accounts. The amount of time I spent writing and working online was nearly nonexistent just five or six years ago. Since I’ve started blogging, it’s taken up a big chunk of time. That means that other activities have suffered. I’ve been thinking more about balancing online and offline life.balance-266858_1280

How much time do you spend online each day? How much time did you spend online five years ago? How about ten years ago? How about twenty? How are you balancing your online and offline activities?

In the past four years I’ve probably spent anywhere from 5-20 hours per week online. That adds up. Twenty years ago I was spending zero hours online. What was I doing with that time? Even as little as five years ago I was spending a fraction of time online as I do now.

If you’ve followed my blog, you know I’ve struggled with the problem of balancing online and offline life. It’s not because I dislike writing or blogging. I love both of those activities. I struggle with what’s missing. I struggle with what’s been added. If you have an active online life, you know what I’m talking about.

Five things that have suffered due to my online activities: 

  1. Reading: I used to read anywhere from 10 to 50 books a year. The last few years it’s down to a handful. My attention span for reading has plummeted since I’ve become more active online.
  2. Camping: Although I still make a point to get outdoors to walk, bike, and hike, I haven’t gone camping for a several years. I’ve chosen hotels over tents. That’s partially because I’m getting older, but it’s also because I want to stay connected.
  3. Cooking: I cook a little. There have been times when I’ve cooked much more. My online time cuts into cooking time. Less cooking can equal less nutrition. 
  4. Downtime: I remember just sitting around doing nothing. Do you? Do we always have to be productive? Productivity can become like an addiction if you’re not careful. I miss downtime, just watching a good movie or staring at the stars.
  5. Relationships: Of course I have relationships, but there’s less time spent just being with other people when the focus is on your online life. Along with the downtime, I miss hanging out with others more often.

Three things that have been added due to online activities:

  1. Stress: Spending too much time online keeps us from getting more important things done. It’s harder to find time for simple day-to-day tasks.
  2. Bills: I’ve spent more money on smart phones, tablets, computers, Internet service, advertising and hosting than ever before. Heck, just five years ago I didn’t even have a cell phone or Internet at home.
  3. Tiredness: Too much time in front off a screen will suck the energy out of you.

It’s not all bad. I’ve had positive experiences too. I’ve written several books. I’ve sold a modest amount. I have an outlet for my creative expression. I’ve met some great people. But the good does not outweigh the bad if there’s not a balance. 

Last summer I went Internet-free and only posted once a week on a single site. This year I’ve added a lot to my online plate. I’ll be continuing to think about balancing online and offline life. Who knows what 2016 will bring.

How about you? Have you found a good balance between online and offline life?

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