Songs From A Train Called Forgiveness

medium_2550814754Andy Burden, the protagonist of the book A Train Called Forgivenessis a songwriter. Throughout the story he shares some of his lyrics.  Several readers suggested I record and post the songs from the book.

So in December of 2012 and January of 2013 I spent a few days in the studio with my friend and co-producer Mike Schenck.  We recorded demo-quality versions of the eight songs from the book.  To see and learn more about the recording process check out: in the recording studio with dan and friends.  To learn more about the writing of the songs from the book check out: the stories behind the songs.

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What’s Your Specific Purpose?

Narrowing down your topic to fit the specific niche best suited for your audience is essential to successful public speaking.  You need to know your end goal long before you give the speech.  Otherwise, you’ll just flounder.


Once you’ve narrowed the focus of your speech topic, you need to write your specific purpose statement and central idea.  In last week’s post, Finding the Perfect Topic, we discussed ways of brainstorming for topics.  We considered both our audience and our own expertise.  Next, we need to develop our purpose.

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Your Blog Is A Palette, Not A Platform

Are you creative? Do you write stories? Are you a photographer? An artist? A poet? If you answered yes to any of these questions you’ve come to the right place for a fresh perspective about blogging for creative people.


I know we’re rowing upstream, but let’s start a revolution.

Do you ever get tired of all the blog hype? Do you get tired of the pop up ads? The freebies? The false promises? The slick salespeople? Do you have a desire to be real? Do you just want to tell your story or share your song?

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Finding The Perfect Topic

This is the fourth post and audio tutorial in my public speaking series. Last week we looked at audience analysis. A good speaker analyzes his or her audience before choosing a topic. To learn more about audience analysis, see: Rule #1: Know Your Audience.


Depending on your audience, you might already know your general topic area. You might be known as a specialist on a topic and expected to speak on a specific niche. On the other hand, you might have a wide-open playing field and be expected to choose a topic based on your audience’s interests and beliefs. That’s why audience analysis is important.

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Save Time By Turning Old Blog Posts Into Solid Content

I’ve spent the last few weeks going deep into the archives of my blog. I discovered something. I have A LOT of content. I studied some of my old blog posts and here’s what I noticed.


Much of that content is good. Some is weak. Some content was time sensitive and seemed silly to keep. I deleted nearly 100 old blog posts out of 750. Some of my old blog posts, however, are worthy of a second life.

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