If I Were To Stop Breathing

sky-114446_1280 If I Were To Stop Breathing: Photo of man breathing deep

How many people would notice?

Would I?

If I were to stop breathing.

Would the world stop turning?

Would the earth make way

for heaven?

If I were to stop breathing.

Would I meet my grammy,

my dad, and my personal Angel?

If I were to stop breathing.

Would I be cast into a fiery pit

for all the shit I’ve done?

If I were to stop breathing.

Or would I just stop breathing

like all who stopped before me?

Would anybody really notice?

If I were to stop


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Can You Teach Me To Speak In Spanish


He was just a lonely boy

From the rich side of town

Didn’t care about his daddy’s money

It only let him down

She came from the other side

Down in the barrio

He saw her perfect smile

He kept his heart in control

Copyright 2015 by Dan Erickson & Missouri-Bound Music

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The Post I Can’t Write Yet

For the past two weeks I’ve been struggling to write a post called, “The Struggles of a Single Dad Superman.” I’ve been a single dad since my 9-year-old daughter was 11 months old. I’ve learned a lot about parenting. I’ve made a lot of mistakes. Yet, I can’t seem to write about my experiences. Here’s why:

machine-369520_1280 The Post I Can't Write, Single Dad: Photo of  an old typewriter

Writing is a funny thing. I’ve made three starts at the single dad post. One was up to 1500 words. I deleted it. The others were shorter, maybe 300-500 words. I deleted them. Why? Because they all felt too negative.

My divorce experience, the following custody battle, and my single dad status have been the hardest battles I’ve ever fought. My life has been many times more difficult since being forced into a position I’d never want to see anyone else struggle through.

It’s impossible for me to write about being a single dad without attaching it to the divorce and the custody battle. It’s impossible to write about my parenting experiences without broaching the inconsistent, irresponsible, and inconsiderate behavior of Annie’s mom.

I try to keep my blog fairly positive. Sure, a few of my poems express some of my frustrations and anger, but that’s art. I’m not ready to write the hard facts about a situation that still causes me daily frustration. Although I’ve forgiven those who have made my parenting journey more difficult, I can’t tell the story without saying things that aren’t nice.

As a writer, I’ve learned that sometimes we need time and space to be removed from a situation before we can write about it. I’m certain that the time for writing the single dad post, or series of posts, will come. It’s just not here yet.

My next fiction project will likely broach the matters of divorce and child custody battles, especially from a man’s perspective. I’m just not ready to tell the story in this blog format. When I am ready, you can expect honest and heartfelt writing about things that millions have struggled through.

Do you have a story you’re not yet ready to tell?

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Banging On The Piano


Banging keys without restraint,

mostly white, a few black,

chords without structure,

rhythm, or melody.

Is it music?

It expresses

my deepest emotions

at the moment.

My latest composition

won’t be a hit, even though

it’s an honest reflection

of how millions feel.

This morning, I’m just

banging on the piano,

a little decomposition

in the key of fuck it all.

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Teamwork Makes Your Dream Work

Annie just tested for her black-striped gold belt in karate. Before and after test, the sensei spoke to the audience. He motivated us to keep working toward our dreams. He said that it’s easier to reach your dreams when you have a solid support system. He repeated this mantra several times, “Teamwork makes your dream work.” 

startup-594090_1280 Teamwork makes your dream work: Photo of business team.

I’m looking for a few good team players. I’ve been blogging for four years as a solopreneur. I operate four blogs. I’d like to find a few like-minded, hard-working people to help the Simple blogs reach higher levels of success:

This is not an easy task.

I’ve noticed something about bloggers. Most bloggers aren’t team players. Bloggers tend to be so caught up with their own blogs, their own promotions, their own rock-and-roll, blog-star status, that they don’t, or won’t, truly take time to be part of a team. In fact, it’s not just bloggers. It’s the brunt of Americans that have this attitude.

Remember what the sensei said, “Teamwork makes your dream work.” Would you like to join the Simple team?

What I’m looking for?

I’m looking for partners.

I appreciate guest posting and media-sharing, but I need to find a few individuals who will work with me toward achieving higher levels of online success on a partner basis.

I’m looking for people who are willing to help create, promote, instruct, and maintain online programs and e-courses. I’m looking for equals, for individuals who are productive. I’m looking for experienced and prolific writers and bloggers. Would you like to join the team?

Do you have what it takes?

If you’re interested in becoming part of the Simple team, please contact me @ danerickson@danerickson.net. Let’s work together to reach higher levels of success. Remember, “Teamwork makes your dream work.”

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