Super Habit #50: Be Willing to Bend

Before we get started on this super habits journey, I have a couple of disclaimers:

  1. There is no single habit that’s more important than another on the super habits list. I’m simply starting at 50 for organizational reasons. That said, today’s super habit may be an umbrella to all the other habits on the list.
  2. I’m not an expert on super habits. I’m just studying habits of successful people and coming to my own conclusions about them. What I say isn’t gospel. In fact, habit forming is an experimental process. You might see things differently. That’s good. We all need to develop habits in ways that work for us as an individual.

Being Flexible Is Key to a Successful Life

Determination and single-minded thinking only go so far. We need to be committed to setting and achieving goals in life. However, if we get so caught up in any one way of doing things that it holds us back, we might have to consider bending.

Believe it or not, good habits can actually trip us up. I’m sure you’ve experienced this yourself. When all your focus is on exercise, you might be limiting yourself in another area, such as diet. When I was focusing on writing 2-3 hours a day, I was lacking in my physical activity. Developing simple habits for life is a balancing act. We must be willing to bend.

Bend in the Wind Like a Tree

Think of a tree. Trees bend in the wind. They don’t fight against the wind, but rather let the wind move them. That’s how we need to look at habits. Life is like the wind. When we try a new habit only to discover it doesn’t stick, it’s okay. ┬áSome habits may not be meant for you. So be willing to let them go and try another.

No one can be a master of everything. There are some habits on this list that you or I might care less about. That’s okay. Be willing to discover your own strengths and let go of the habits that are getting in your way. It doesn’t matter if the habit is good. Instead, make a point to develop habits that are effective. Let go of the habits that are not effective for you.

Stay in touch. I’ll be posting more super habits over many months to come.