Super Habit #41: Write It Down

We might be in the electronic age, but writing is still one of the most important things we can do. Super habit #41 is the simple habit of keeping a journal. I’m not talking about writing a few notes on your iPhone, but rather using pen and paper.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve sometimes stopped physically writing in this computer-based era. I’m not entirely sure that our method of writing is the most important aspect here. The most important reason for writing, no matter what media you use, is to understand yourself and your goals more completely.

Why I Still Write with Pen and Paper

I currently have three paper journals on my nightstand by my bed. Each journal has it’s own topic:

  1. Daily thoughts
  2. Creative writing
  3. Health and fitness

I started the year out with a bang. I kept my journalling up through the summer. Since, I’ve slacked off a little. However, I’m currently using my MacBook Air to do some of the the same things. This blog is as much a record of my own journey, my own goals, as it is a public forum. My Cowboy Zen site is my creative place. Still, there is something that always brings me back to paper: Song. No matter how they start, my songs always wind up on paper.

Enough about my own writing and journalling, lets talk about the advantages keeping a journal can have for you.

5 Ways Keeping a Journal Can Make You a Better Person

  1. Gets out your negative emotions: When you’re feeling angry or depressed, writing is an excellent way to manage those emotions. When we write things down, we release those toxic feelings. If you’ve read any of my poetry or listened to my music, you might note that my writing can be dark at times. If I didn’t write it down, the darkness would remain in me.
  2. Makes you more grateful: There are so many reasons to be grateful. Even if you’re struggling, you are alive. Hopefully, you have a place to live and food to eat. Write about the things that are positive in your life. You can include anything from relationships to travel. Just write some good stuff down.
  3. Creates and tracks goals: Great leaders create and track goals. Many professionals still swear by using pen and paper for this task. One advantage to a physical journal is that you can use it anywhere. A second advantage is that you can doodle and use the topic mapping method as you establish your ideas.
  4. Teaches discipline: Doing something every day creates a habit. Journalling is an easy way to learn discipline that can find its way into other areas of your life. Keep your journal in a place where you will be more likely to use it. It might be on a nightstand or a coffee table. Some people keep a journal in their car. You can have multiple journals.
  5. Makes you more creative: Finally, writing helps you to think outside of the box. Whether you journal on paper or on a computer, I encourage you to get creative. Try writing poetry of short stories. Creativity is a strength for many careers in today’s workforce.

Write Your Way to Success

Remember, success doesn’t mean being rich or famous. You can decide what success means to you. If you write down your thoughts and ideas about success, you are much more likely to reach your own potential. Make a point to start journaling today.

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