Super Habit #29: Admit When You’re Wrong

Sometimes we get too caught up with our own thoughts and ideas. We get stuck on being right. But we’re not always right. Sometimes we’re wrong and we know it. Super habit #29 is simple… but hard: admit when you’re wrong.

Have you ever been on the wrong side argument with someone? At first you might believe that you’re in the right, but then you slowly realize that you’re wrong. Still, you won’t admit it. I know that I’ve been in this place many times in my life. But something happens when we admit that we’re wrong.

Benefits of Admitting You’re Wrong

  1. You show humility: In today’s world, it might seem like humility is an out-of-date characteristic. But people still notice when you humble yourself. Believe it or not, humility begets respect and honor from others. It’s hard to dislike someone who will quickly take the blame when they are at fault.
  2. You receive forgiveness: Unless you’ve done something hideous or you’re dealing with unforgiving people, admitting when you’re wrong leads to forgiveness. When others forgive you, it lifts the weight off of everybody’s shoulders.
  3. You grow relationships: Great relationships require work. When you admit your faults and mistakes in a relationship, you’re more likely to gain trust. On the other hand, remaining arrogant, or hiding the truth, will only lead to harming your relationships.
  4. You can move forward: Once you’ve admitted that you’re wrong, you can learn from the mistake and move on. Just do your best to refrain from making that mistake again.

Super Habit #29 and Success

You might think that successful people would never admit when they’re wrong. It could ruin their reputations. But actually, the opposite can be true.

In fact, companies that have found themselves in trouble after a poor decision, or after selling a faulty product, have discovered this truth.┬áCompanies that have quickly and completely taken responsibility for the damage they’ve caused tend to bounce back quickly. On the other hand, companies that continue to deny any wrongdoing often lose business.

If you want to live a happier and more successful life, make a point to admit when you’re wrong.