Super Habit #25: Celebrate Outcomes Along the Way

Part of being successful is knowing how to set and reach goals. Goals are often set in stages. Don’t wait until the end. Celebrate your outcomes along the way. This is Super Habit #25

Okay, it wouldn’t make sense to celebrate every minute detail along your journey to reaching a specific goal. But it does make sense to celebrate the completion of major steps.

Let’s say that you’re writing a book. The book has three major sections. You’ve just completed a 125-page draft of the first section. Celebrate! Go out for dinner. Go to the beach. Buy yourself a gift. Share the moment with friends. Do something fun. Celebrate.

Why It’s a Good Idea to Celebrate Outcomes

Celebrating major outcomes along your goal journey keeps you motivated. When we give ourselves rewards, we give ourselves incentives to keep going.

For instance, I give my daughter $20 per A-grade she gets in school and $10 per B. I do this at the end of term 2 and term 4. She ended this year (term 4) with all As and one B. Then she gets to use that money. We also go out for dinner or ice cream after special events like band concerts and karate tournaments.

These little incentives and celebrations keep Annie motivated to excel and succeed in the future. The same thing works for ourselves. When we celebrate our own outcomes, we give ourselves incentive to move forward.

Here’s another example. I write and record music. After I created five musical projects over a period of a few years on an iPad mini, I celebrated by upgrading to a larger iPad. I have since excelled in creating dozens of new tracks under my moniker of Anderhill.

If You Want to Succeed, Reward Yourself

Part of success is appreciating your own journey. Be careful of too much negativity. If you spend too much time being self-critical, you’ll be less likely to celebrate your successes. I’m not suggesting that you always look at the world with rose-colored glasses. Sometimes we need to be tough on ourselves, too. But never forget to celebrate your outcomes.

I hope you take Super Habit #25, and all the super habits to heart. If you do, I believe you’ll live a happier, healthier, and more successful life.