Super Habit #21: Always Make Time for Family

I don’t care how successful you are, or how successful you want to be, if you don’t make time for family, you’re a failure. In fact, I’d take Super Habit #21 one step further. If you don’t put family first, you’re an ass.

All Work and No Family Leads to a Lonely Life

I’ve watched people on the track to success make a big mistake. They lose the ones they love along the way. They get so caught up with success that they forget to make time for their family. Before long family members feel neglected. Sometimes this leads to broken relationships.

It’s okay to be passionate and driven to succeed. However, you need to remember to balance things out. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  1. Meals together: Don’t work late on any regular basis. That will get in the way of eating together as a family. Make a point to schedule mealtime as together time. It allows time for you to communicate with your partner and children.
  2. Date night: I have an 80-year-old friend who takes his wife out on a date every week. He says it’s helped to keep his marriage healthy and strong. Make a point to take your partner on a date, even if you’ve been together for 50 years.
  3. Family night: If you have kids, family time is important. Schedule time for both physical and mental activities. From walks in the park to family game night, spending time as a family keeps your family strong.
  4. Sacred weekends: Christians often consider Sunday a sacred day. That means that we make a point to spend time with God. What if we considered our whole weekend sacred for God and family? Of course, an occasional work weekend is okay, but in general, try to keep your weekends free.
  5. Family vacations: Try to spend at least one week per year on a family vacation. It helps members to bond and learn more about one another.

Make Time for Family When the Chips Are Down

But it’s not enough to intentionally make time for family. That’s all good and well, but you have to be ready to spend even more time with your loved ones.

Sometimes family members go through tough times. If a family member is in need, it might mean making some extra time for family. If your kid is having trouble in school, spend extra time with them doing homework. If your sibling is struggling with an addiction, try to be there for them as much as you can. Unless the circumstances are extraordinary, successful people always do what’s best for their family.

Although I try not to judge others, if I observe someone who puts their own success before their family, I might question their character. Don’t forget Super Habit #21. Don’t be an ass. Make time for your family. You’ll be more successful in the end.