Super Habit #20: Do Your Research or Die

Okay, you might not die if you don’t do your research, then again you might. It all depends on the situation at hand. Hiking Mt. Everest without the proper equipment could lead to an early death. Starting a business without proper research could lead to financial disaster. Super Habit #20 is essential to business and life.

For any major endeavor or purchase, research is a must. I’ve been thinking about the possibility of getting into the van life¬†on a part-time basis in the future. Then I could live in a van down by the river. That will probably be a little further down the road, but I’ve already started researching.

Research Leads to Better Results

When I started blogging, I didn’t do any research. I just thought it would be fun to have my own website. I spent the first two years of my blogging journey trying to figure things out. I wound up having to delete this entire blog and restart it because I’d screwed it up so much. That might not have happened if I’d have done my research.

(Of course, once I did my research, I believed a bunch of crap about what it takes to be a successful blogger. But that’s another story.)

On the other hand, I have pretty good experiences with buying used cars. I’ve never really bought or owned a used car that has created any major problems for me. Why? Because I do my research. I look at the reviews and I study the Car Fax. Milage, location, engine, fuel economy, and price are all considered. In the end, I wind up with something that’s dependable.

I know this all seems like common sense, but sometimes we jump into things too fast. That’s when the trouble can start. There are some steps you can take to ensure you do your research before acting.

5 Things to Do Before You Take Action

  1. Check your emotions: Often, when we are starting on a new venture, we are running on emotion. Emotions are good. Passion is great. But they can also lead us to making stupid decisions too damn quickly, without any forethought. Make sure to check your emotions before acting.
  2. Slow down: When we are excited about something, we often want things to happen too soon. Don’t move too fast. Research takes time. Slow down and think before you take the next step. You’ll be glad you did in the long run.
  3. Read, read, read: With the Internet, research is easier than ever. You can find good information on nearly any given topic with a quick Google search. It’s imperative that you read up on your interests before jumping into things. Read a variety of information from professional sources on the topic at hand.
  4. Make comparisons: As you read, you’ll find different suggestions and a variety of opinions. This part can get tricky. But compare the information. Consider what is best for you in your current situation. Then go on to step 5.
  5. Make a decision: Don’t stall. Sometimes the mere plethora of information we find can be overwhelming. But if you don’t make a frickin’ decision you won’t take action. Don’t over research. Just study enough to make a good educated decision.

Another Super Habit for Your Journey to Success

I hope you take this post to heart and make sure to take time to do proper research before making any major decisions. If you want to succeed in life, research is imperative. Without it, you’ll likely make a few major mistakes. Of course, we all fuck up at times, but with good research, maybe we’ll do it a little less often.

Next time you’re making a major decision or starting an important process, I encourage you to take the time to do some quality research. Don’t forget Super Habit #20.