Super Habit #17: Flexibility in Life

This Super Habit must be more important than some of the others. Why? Because it seems to have wound up on the list several times, discussed in slightly different ways. I’m going to keep this post short, but I encourage you to read about a couple of the similar habits on the list:

Flexibility Is a Willingness to Accept and Embrace Change

This habit is important not only to professional success, but to all of life. Things will not always go as planned. We need to be prepared to rethink, refocus, and replace at times. Resistance is often futile.

If you get stuck on one idea, or one way of doing things, you limit yourself. Flexibility is also important in working with others. If you refuse to negotiate with someone, you might be sorry in the long run. Here’s an old biblical idea: Don’t treat people like shit if you don’t want people to treat you like shit. Jesus may have said it more eloquently, but you get the gist.

Be flexible with change. Be flexible with others. Be flexible in life. When we are willing to bend, we will not only find more personal success, but we’ll also discover more happiness.