Super Habit #16: Have a Little Patience

You’ve heard the old saying “patience is a virtue.” I’m not sure I’d take it that far, but a little patience can go a long way in many aspects of life. So Super Habit #16 is simple: Have a little patience.

Sometimes You Gotta Get Shit Done… Now!

Before we talk about patience, I think it’s important to recognize that there is also a time when patience won’t cut it. That’s why I don’t buy into the “virtue” crap.

Waiting something out can be beneficial in many cases, but in the case of an emergency or a one-time offer, we have to make quick decisions. Never let anybody tell you to have patience when you know there is an immediate need. That said, there are a lot of situations in life in which patience is required.

Sometimes You Need a Little Patience

Now that we’ve got the misnomers out of the way, let’s discus times when patience can be to your advantage.

  1. Building businesses: Great entrepreneurs aren’t made overnight. They work hard. They fail. They try again. They fail again. The try a-fucking-gain. They don’t give up. They keep their eye on their goals and patiently work toward them, even when things go wrong.
  2. Developing relationships: It takes time to get to know people. If you want to build solid relationships with others, you need some patience. Take time to truly try to understand your potential partner. Be empathetic. Learn his or her likes and dislikes. Have patience.
  3. Working with kids: Little brats can drive anybody nuts. And whether you admit it or not, most kids are little brats at one time or another… even yours. When a kid gets you frustrated, take a deep breath and relax. Try to remember that they’re just a kid. You were once, too.
  4. Learning an art: If you want to be great at your art, you can’t give up. You might never be a maestro, but if you continually practice, you’ll improve. You’ll learn secrets and tricks to creating higher quality art. In time, you can become a master. It just takes a little patience.
  5. Catching fish: I haven’t fished much as an adult, but I did my share when I was younger. If you want to take home a good catch, you need patience. Wait those little bastards out.

Know When Patience Is Required

So patience my not be a “virtue,” but it is often required. The key is in understanding when you need to have patience. Therefore, even though Super Habit #16 is important, decision-making skills are even more important. There will be times when you’ll have to act on things and forego being patient. Consider the following:

  • Weigh the importance of the relationship, situation or event.
  • Understand your immediate and longterm goals and needs.
  • Know the consequences of waiting versus acting immediately.
  • If possible, make a list of pros and cons.

In the end, only you can decide when a little patience is needed. Just do your best to analyze every situation and act accordingly. Remember, sometimes waiting things out can have tremendous payoffs.