Super Habit #12: Give Back

Not every successful person gives back to others, but some of the most successful people do. If you are doing well in life, to give back just seems like it should be a given. Let’s look at Super Habit #12.

People often falsely believe that there is only one way to practice charity: to give money. But that’s not true. There are many ways we can give.

5 Ways to Give Back to Others

  1. Time: One of the best ways to help others is to offer your time. In many cases time is much more valuable than money. You can also see immediate results when you volunteer. Donations have to go through bureaucratic processes. Consider helping others firsthand by giving your time.
  2. Talent: Perhaps you are too busy or unable to spend four hours a week volunteering at a local homeless shelter. But maybe you have some kind of talent that could help. If you make anything that could raise money or help to feed others, you could give by offering those products or services.
  3. Stuff: Most everybody has too much stuff. As a former minimalist and someone who continues to live with less than the average, I’ve given oodles of stuff to local charities. Some of it may be shit to me, but most everything I’ve given has been in great condition and could be very useful to others.
  4. Little Acts of Kindness: It might not seem like a lot, but sometimes just holding a door or smiling at someone can make a difference. Maybe you can buy someone lunch. I once gave a brand new coat to a homeless guy I saw by Starbucks every morning. It was a little small for him, but he was happy to have it for the winter weather.
  5. Money: Last but not least, you can give money.

To Give Back Is to Love

In all the discussions we see about success, we don’t see much about love. Everything is money, product, and numbers driven. But true success includes love and caring for others. Of course, we love those who are close to us, that’s normal. But to share love with complete strangers is a whole other thing.

The Christmas season is upon us. I’d like to encourage you to find someone in need to give a little something. Whether it’s food, clothes, or money is up to you. But Super Habit #12 is a sign of compassion and empathy. And those are qualities of true success.