Super Habit #1: Get Up Early and Develop a Morning Routine

We started the Super Habits series in September of 2018. Today, we finish it up. We’ve reviewed 50 Super Habits, all important, some perhaps more important than others. The #1 Super Habit is essential to productivity and success: Get up early and develop a morning routine.

One way to get things done is to get an early start. Getting things done can and will lead to success if you’ve created goals and strategies to reach those goals. A quick Internet search about morning routines and success will bring up countless articles on the topic. Here are just a few links to some of those articles:

The list goes on and on…

Get Up Early and Get Stuff Done

I’m not going to share my morning routine in this post. I’ve done that in other posts. I’m not going to share other people’s morning routines. You can find those all over the Internet. I just want to emphasize the importance of getting up early and getting shit done.

Let’s say most people get up at 6:30 or 7:00. What if you get up two hours earlier than the rest? How much more can you get done in those two hours? There’s no single answer to that question, but here’s a simple example:

That might not seem like much, but you’d be surprised at what that seemingly small amount of activity could do. First, the exercise and meditation help you to clear your mind and relax your body. You’ve also already got your required amount of exercise for the day. More exercise later is an added bonus.

50 minutes of writing a day could add up to 500-1000 words. At that rate, you could potentially write a book in 60-90 days. I wrote my first novel, A Train Called Forgiveness, in a few months using the get-up-early method.

Getting a jump start on daily business could make your time at the office more effective and efficient. You’ll have more time to work on important projects and develop new ideas.

Multiply all of this activity by 5-7 times a week and you’re being more productive than most people. That will go a long way toward your personal and professional success.

Super Habit #1 Paves the Road to Success

The discipline, hard work, and stick-to-it attitude all make Super Habit #1 one of the most important habits for reaching your goals. I encourage you to take some time to study and develop a morning routine. I’d venture to guess that most successful people practice the habit of getting up early.

And with that, I wrap up an 18-month series: Super Habits for Success. I hope this series has been helpful to you on your own journey to become more successful both personally and professionally. Best wishes to you as you continue your journey.