Sometimes the Slow Road Is the Best Route

We’ve all been impatient with things in life. In today’s world we’ve been programmed to expect immediate gratification. Sometimes fast change is exactly what we don’t need.

Have you ever been frustrated about a situation that seems to be changing too slowly? You wish things would just get done already. But here’s a secret. When you let change come slowly, it’s more likely to stick.

The Faster The Change, The Harder The Resistance

Consider following:

  • A sudden change in the weather
  • A sudden change in the economy
  • A sudden change in the performance of your car

In each case, sudden change is usually not a good sign. It precludes a pending problem or a disaster. Attempting to change ourselves quickly leads to a crash or a breakdown.

I prefer to walk rather than run. I’ve practiced running in the past. If I were to take up running again, I’d be foolish to run ten miles on my first run. I’d hurt myself. I’d likely say, “running sucks,” and give up. If I start out in small increments, say a half mile per week, and build up endurance, I’m more likely to succeed. That’s the power of slow change.

The Slow Road Is Often the Best Road

If you’ve been frustrated with something in your life not changing as quickly as you’d like, don’t be. As long as you’re making an effort to work toward a goal, you’re working through the process of change. Work or practice a little each day. Find enjoyment in the process of the change rather than the end results. That’s when the changes really happen, during the long, slow process.

We all know people who have made decisions to make some sweeping life changes at the speed of light. Often, they are hasty in their decisions and wind up in a worse situation in the end. Let change flow rather than jerk into place.

Be patient. Be forgiving of yourself. Accept the slow road, but be consistent. You’ll find success in the long run.

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