My Short List of Blogging Tools

You see a lot of hype about blogging. Many bloggers make lists of the tools needed to start and operate a successful blog. Most of the lists I’ve seen are way over the top. If you want to be successful at blogging, you really only need a handful of tools and services. You might be surprised at my short list of tools, services, and plugins.

My Blogging Toolkit

  1. Platform: WordPress
  2. Theme: Graphy Pro
  3. Host: Fat Cow Web Hosting
  4. Computer: 11-inch MacBook Air
  5. Camera/Phone: iPhone 6
  6. Plugins: Broken Link Checker, Disable Comments, Simple Share Buttons Adder

That’s it. I currently don’t use SEO, analytics, expensive themes, popups, sidebars, or anything beyond what’s on this list. I don’t pay for privacy, security, or any other special features. I just keep a simple blog and focus on the message.

Short. Simple. Successful.

It’s not how much you spend or how much flash you add to a blog that makes it successful. It’s your message. My goal is to help others learn simple lifestyle habits for success. No more. No less.

If you’d like to start a blog, I encourage you to do a little research and keep it simple. If you want a little help, check out ways you can work with me.

Some links in this post are affiliate links. This means that I might make a little coffee money if you decide to make any purchases through these links. I only promote products and services that I personally use or review. Thanks for your support.