Practicing the Long Lost Art of Patience

If you watch the news, read the business section, or take a look around the Internet, you’d likely believe that all successful people are fast movers and shakers. Their lives are filled multiple tasks and they constantly hustle to create more business. It might seem strange to think that some successful people are still practicing patience.

The media may make it look as if the road to success is fast and furious, but there are still many entrepreneurs who understand the power of patience. Attempting to reach your potential overnight is just plain dumb. It never really works. True success takes time.

5 Reasons to Practice Patience on Your Road to Success

  1. You’ll master your art: Taking your time in developing any talent, skill, or product, helps you to really understand the ins and outs of your speciality. As you truly master your art, you’ll create something of greater quality than the fast-moving competition.
  2. You can focus on one thing at a time: I’m guilty of spreading myself too thin at times. I get too many projects going at once because I want to reach my potential. But great entrepreneurs often focus on a single product or project at a time. Once you’ve mastered your first product, then you can move onto another project.
  3. Success is more than money: People falsely equate success with money. However, I would argue that it’s much more. Some business owners purposely choose to keep their businesses small. Instead of focusing on growth, they focus on providing the best services possible for a small customer base. If one chooses to learn to compose classical music over commercial pop music, they are still a successful musician even if they make one-tenth the money.
  4. You’ll gain wisdom: When we practice patience we gain wisdom. Sometimes waiting can be the best and wisest strategy. Keeping less for yourself can also work wonders. See the video below.
  5. You’ll make great connections along the way: If you’re spending your time networking while you’re working toward reaching your goals, you’re doing it right. If you’ve decided to take the slow road, that’s okay. You’ll likely make more connections along the way. Some of those connections may be golden in the future.

A Short Story of Patience

Here’s a short video about three kernels of corn. The third man in the story practiced patience. See what happens…

I hope today’s post has been helpful. Success is not always a fast train. In fact, more often, the most successful people in the world have been very intentional along the way. They’ve practiced patience and sacrifice so that they would be more successful in the long run.

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