New Tools for New Creations: from MacBook to iPad Pro

Sometimes we need to change things up. Recently, I decided to change up some of my tools for creativity. Actually, I turned two tools into one. We’ll see how that goes. I traded in my MacBook Air and my 5th generation iPad for the latest iPad Pro with the Magic Keyboard.

When Creativity Gets Stagnant

I’ve written a lot about what to do when you don’t feel creative. I usually focus on changing things up. Try a different hobby. Travel. Write backwards. Just do something different. Changing things up will often get you out of a rut. Changing up your tools can also boost creativity.

When it comes to music, I’ve often fell into quiet times where all my instruments just sit and collect dust. I’ve found a cure for this dilemma. Buy a new instrument. It doesn’t even have to be expensive. It could be an entry level ukulele, a harmonica, or a set of drumsticks. But new often inspires.

Moving from the MacBook to the iPad Pro is a risk. The move will be great for making electronic music. I bought the 12.9-inch screen option. Working on GarageBand will be less tedious with almost twice the screen space as my old iPad. My piano has twice as many keys. The built in speakers are better than the old iPad. For music production this was a great move.

Blogging on the iPad Pro

Here’s where I’m taking a risk. I’ve been writing on MacBooks for almost ten years. I’m used to having multiple, movable windows, click-and-drag, and a trash can. Although the iPad can be a powerful writing tool, I’ll have to work differently. I’ll have to open multiple tabs instead of windows, and then toggle back and forth instead of dragging things around. I’ll have to download pics instead of just dragging them into place.

These are minor changes, but they’ll take a little getting used to. In the long run, perhaps the iPad Pro will be more efficient for my minimalist writing and blogging style than my MacBook was. Time will tell. One thing for sure, in my opinion, the Magic Keyboard beats the MacBook keyboard hands down.

Minimalism and Experimentation

So now I only own two devices, an iPhone 11, and an iPad Pro. That’s down from three. In the past, I used a Macbook for writing and an iPad for music production. Now the iPad Pro will be my tool for both endeavors. So I’m still practicing minimalism as an artist, and new tools also allow for experimentation. For instance, I’ll be adding the magic pencil to my setup and may play with some digital artwork.

If writing becomes too burdensome using an iPad, I also have a backup plan. I’ve been interested in using Linux and experimenting with open-source operating systems that provide more privacy and security. So who knows, another inexpensive laptop might be in my future to start experimenting in that area.

New Tools for New Creations

Bottom line: new tools can help us become more creative because they offer us new ways of seeing and doing things. There might be a learning curve, but that’s okay. In time, I’ll either decide the iPad Pro is just as good of a writing tool as the MacBook Air, or I’ll rethink the change.

The fact that I don’t take blogging to the extreme as I once did seems to lend itself to using a simpler tool. The iPad Pro might just be that tool.