Why We Should Hold On Loosely to the Future

Nothing is promised. Nothing is certain. It’s for these simple reasons that we should hold on loosely to our plans for the future.

Last fall, I started creating my first course for danerickson.net. Don’t worry, I haven’t abandoned the idea of having subscription content on my blog. But I have slowed down my plan to reach the end result. Why? Two reasons…

  1. I have more important things to do with my here and now.
  2. A quality product is very important to me.

The Here and Now is What Really Matters

There is wisdom in having some preparedness for the future. I have a retirement account. I save now. I’m purchasing a home now so that I might have less debt in the future. I’ll continue to work as a college professor because I love to teach others. I teach in the here and now. But when it comes to my time outside of work, I have to be aware of how I spend it.

My daughter is 12 years old. Before I know, she’ll be grown and flown. Spending time with her now is more important than creating an online course. And so together, Annie and I are focusing on improving our karate skills. Together, we are traveling without worry of my publishing the next blog post or making an income from an online course.

Quality is a Video Camera

Here’s where I’m at in creating my first online course: The written content is completed. However, the course will also include video content. I could record low-quality video on my iPhone, or I could wait until tax season to buy a camera specifically designed for creating video content. I’ve always been one to appreciate quality and aesthetics. The same applies to video.

It’s my goal to create the video content in the spring and then go live with the first course. But what if I don’t? I’m not saying I won’t, but what if I decide that my time practicing karate with my daughter is more important? What if I decide that returning to songwriting and performing is more important than spending hours making video content?

The answer is simple.

That’s life. That’s choice. And this is why it’s my philosophy to never hold onto any single goal or plan too tightly. By holding on too tightly to anything, we essentially are making ourselves slaves to that thing.

I’ve deemed the current year as a year to reevaluate everything I’m doing. My time is limited. So is yours. Make a point to consider the cost/reward ratio to any given venture.

Hold On Loosely to Your Best-Made Plans

Plans are overrated. It’s really the decisions you make in the here and now that are important. Today, I decide to write another blog post. Today, I decide to practice music and karate. Today, I’ll spend more time with the ones I love. Tomorrow is still to come.

What will you do in the here and now?

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