8 Ways To Find Your Creative Inspiration


If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. – Milton Berle

I’d like to inspire you to get more creative. Whether you’re a budding artist or a hopeful entrepreneur, creativity can help you reach higher levels of success. But where do you find creative ideas? What will inspire artistic expression? I have a few ideas for you.

Inspiration Is Usually Much Closer Than You Think

One reason many people struggle to find inspiration is that they try too hard. We falsely believe that we have to go to erotic places or accomplish great feats in order to be inspired. That’s not true. Sometimes we can find things to inspire us right outside our door. Sometimes we don’t even have to go that far.


8 Ways To Find Your Creative Inspiration

  1. Reach back into your childhood: Our past can be the perfect place to inspire us. Think about your childhood. Remember the scenes and the smells of your home and your grandparent’s home. Think about childhood adventures. There’s a plethora of stories waiting to be uncovered.
  2. Think about your travels and vacations: Travel is great experience. The things that you see and do while you travel can be inspirational gold. Travel and vacation experiences leave images in our minds. You can revisit those places and turn them into art.
  3. Spend a day in natural settings: Nature is always a great place to get inspired. The beauty of nature has helped me write many poems and songs. Take a weekend or even a day-trip into nature. Take the some photos. It will energize your creative spirit.
  4. Get some exercise: It’s been scientifically proven that exercise stimulates the brain. Spend a few hours in the gym each week or simply take a walk. You can even get exercise by playing with your kids. Just get out and get active.
  5. Keep a journal: I keep a small journal by my bedside. That way if I have a great idea when I’m resting, I can write it down. I also keep musical journals. They’re full of ideas for songwriting. My first book, A Train Called Forgiveness, is the direct result of keeping a journal.
  6. Read great books: Great books inspire. I read the book, The Art of Racing in the Rainafter I wrote my first book. Reading inspired me to write a second book. In the end, I wound up writing a trilogy. You can learn more about my second book at Amazon.
  7. Listen to great music: Although I write and play music, my love affair with music started out with listening. Listening to great music stimulates the brain and stirs the emotions. Studies have found that classical music can actually help us become smarter.
  8. Watch inspiring movies: I love good sports movies and music documentaries. They’re usually very inspirational. Think of classic movies like Rudy and The Karate Kid. After you watch them you feel a surge of energy. Recently, I watched the story of the band Journey and their latest singer, Arlen Pineda. It’s an amazing documentary and it’s available on Netflix. Here’s the trailer:

Don’t Stop Believing

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