Learn the Secret to Producing High-Quality Content

Do you want your work to stand out? One way to be sure you get noticed in today’s crowded market is to create high-quality content. Whether it’s writing, video, or cover design, you need content that is top-notch.

Let’s get something straight. High-quality doesn’t mean flashy. You don’t have to dazzle the entire Internet with your skills. You don’t need annoying popups and bulky sidebars full of extras. That creates clutter and takes your audience’s eyes off your best work. Here’s the secret to creating great content in a word:


Nobody is perfect. When I first started blogging, I’d write and rewrite articles before I published. Then I’d read them again and trash them anyway. I’d change my theme every few weeks. The illusive goal of creating the perfect-looking blog had dragged me down and kept me from being productive. Perfectionism was holding me back.

But then something happened. I decided to focus on the message instead of the look of my blog. I got rid of everything but the basics, stripping my site down to words on white space. That created an environment for focusing on the content.

I stopped worrying about perfection and started producing. Over time, the quality of my content has improved. But it wasn’t perfectionism that brought me to this point. It’s been in accepting my imperfection and repeating the process over and over and over.

In Karate We Say That One Is Equal to 10,000

You can’t expect perfection on the first kick. My daughter and I practice karate, To be honest, I can’t kick worth a shit. But I keep practicing. My kicks will never be perfect, but they will get better. It’s the same thing with creating high-quality content. Write 10,000 pages and you’ll have one great body of work. Just keep at it.

So accept your imperfections and simply write and repeat. And if you’d like a little more inspiration, sign up for my newsletter. You’ll also get my free eBook, The Happiness of Simple.