Creative Projects, Fall 2020 Update

It’s good to review our creative projects from time to time. So here’s my Fall, 2020 update. In this post I’ll discuss my current and ongoing writing and music projects.

Let’s start with writing:

I’m feeling a little underwhelmed as a writer. I don’t really have any current writing projects other than blog posts and poetry. If you like poetry and you haven’t visited Cowboy Zen, check it out. It’s a site with nothing but poetry on a plain white page. Here’s one of my more recent poems:

John 11:35

Hell is what we’ve made it,

in our hearts and in our minds.

There is no lake of fire, burning,

but only grace for those

for whom Jesus wept.


You believe you’ve committed

the unforgivable sin.

You’ve broken every vow

and commandment ever

mouthed by God.

But Jesus wept.


His tears will cover you,

no matter who you are,

no matter what you’ve done.

It’s really not so complicated.

Jesus wept.

* * *

Beyond blogs and poetry, I’m struggling to write some song lyrics and procrastinating to start another book.

Anderhill and Other Musical Endeavors

I’ve been practicing and writing music slowly but steadily since my last Anderhill review in August.

I posted an extended-play remix of a couple of Anderhill’s earliest pieces. The playlist, Laundry, consists of two compositions that incorporate the sound of a washing machine and a dryer blended into more than 20 minutes of extremely mellow and meditative ambient music.

Second, after composing a couple of shorter stand-alone tracks, Banjo & Bongos, and Oh, I Heard Ravens Sleeping Today, I created a compilation of six singles. The set includes six songs that I’ve posted only as singles over the past year. Check out Six Singles.

Finally, my most recent four-composition EP is called, What Are We Waiting For? It includes the following tracks:

As always, I continue to experiment musically. In my latest work, I’ve been experimenting with sampling and looping banjo, ukulele, bongos, and amplifier noise. The track Disappearing Act is a pure electronic drone piece.

Beyond my electronic music work, I’ve been spending some time practicing banjo and guitar, focusing more on the banjo. But I don’t prefer to play banjo in a traditional bluegrass fashion, but rather play it more slowly and tonally. In the future, I hope to create some new work with vocals using the banjo as the primary instrument.

Your Creative Projects?

I hope you are also working on something creative. Whether you play music, write books, throw clay, or design tiny houses, creativity rocks.

I encourage you to start or continue being creative. Review what you’re doing. That can help you see how far you’ve come, and/or see any changes that need to be made. So let’s get creative! In the words of my latest EP title, What Are We Waiting For?