The Power of Professionalism in Black and White

I have a great message for you today: There’s power in embracing black and white. It might sound plain and boring, but using black and white is both simple and professional. As we strive to develop simple habits for success, let’s not overlook qualities of appearance.

In a World Full of Color, Black and White Still Rules

I like a little color, but when it comes to looking good and being a professional writer, I gravitate toward the traditional. Using black and white can help you stand out in a world where everybody is trying to get attention. While everyone else uses flashy gimmicks, you’ll stick to tried and true standards.

Black: About 75% of the clothes in my wardrobe are black. Wearing a lot of black makes life easier. I have less decisions to make every morning. Black looks both professional and casual. Many successful people keep their wardrobes simple. By keeping a simple wardrobe you’ll save money.

White: You might notice that I keep this blog really simple. I love white space. Having a lot of white space puts the emphasis on the message. That’s what you want. Instead of peoples’ eyes turning to the sidebars and headers and popups, people will focus on your message. And your website will be less annoying.

Whether you want to look good or create great design, remember the power of black and white.

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