Anderhill Music and News

I wrapped up 2018 by producing a lot of music. I hope to continue that trend through 2019. I recently finished up another 6-song playlist at SoundCloud as Anderhill.

If you have not yet discovered Anderhill, let me tell you a little bit about it. Anderhill is my new moniker as electronic musician. Learn about the name Anderhill. If you’ve followed my Minimalist Mixtape journey, you know that I practice programming a unique style of minimalist electronic music. As Anderhill, I’m taking the music a step further into the ambient and drone genres.

Music and News: Time & Texture

My latest experimental playlist is called Time & Texture. The six-song project grew out of the previous work, We All Must Risebut then took on its own direction with each new track. Part ambient, and part rhythmic experimentation, this project takes on a very meditative quality and could be listened to at night to induce restful sleep. A colleague told me it would also make good driving music. Just don’t sleep and drive.

The first track, Continuum felt like a layover from We All Must Rise, but when I created the second track, F-Train, I knew these songs were going in a slightly different direction. Here are the links to all six tracks:

  1. Continuum
  2. F-Train
  3. It’s the Same Time Everywhere
  4. Keeper of the Plains
  5. Driving the Night
  6. Momentum

What’s Next for Anderhill Music?

Practicing experimental music makes it hard to predict what’s next, but you can expect more music with minimalist qualities and ambient textures. However, after such a prolific spree of production, I might not produce as much in the coming months. Time will tell.

One thing that is in the works is a website. I’ve acquired the domain and will be designing the site in the near future. One question remains: what will I do with the music?

I’m considering selling tracks for limited professional use. The music could be used for films, advertisements, blogs, podcasts, etc. I could also offer custom services to customers who want specific kinds of music produced for their projects. And perhaps I could offer lessons on production. Again, time will tell.

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