A Mock Thank-You Letter to Whom It May Concern

Last year, my daughter and I dealt with some crappy treatment from a school official and then the local district itself. Although I started an investigation into some unfair practices, I quit because it was so obvious that the district would manipulate evidence in order to be held unaccountable.

When I decided to stop pursuing the investigation, I wrote a mock letter to the school administrator in question. I’ve thought about posting the letter on my blog several times, even scheduled it a few times. It was too soon.

Today, as I walked around the local high school, I noted that the sidewalks around the school were poorly cleared of snow. Heck, the defunct hospital next door had sidewalks that were clear and dry. But the school, where hundreds of kids have to walk, still had patches of snow and ice everywhere.

This got me to thinking: It seems as though it’s business as usual. Cut corners up front, and pay for lawsuits and investigations later. That’s our tax money at work.

Anyway, today is the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. MLK stood for truth, justice, and equality. So I decided that it’s time to post my mock letter. Here it is:

A Mock Letter to Whom It May Concern

To Whom It May Concern:

You know who you are, although I doubt you’ll ever read this. I’m writing it anyway, so that others might learn from my experiences with you.

First, I’d like to thank you for opening my eyes. I used to think that the majority of human beings were good people, especially those who work with our children. You taught me otherwise. You showed me that some people will lie, cheat, and abuse power in order to protect their own assets. This is good to know. It will help me to recognize that type of person in the future.

Thank You for Teaching Me About Corruption

I’ve been so gullible in this life. I’d always heard about corruption in high places, but I didn’t think that would include my local school district. Thank you for showing me that there are people in our community who don’t really care about kids, but only about their own image. Thank you for helping me to understand that lies, deception, and abuse of power go much further than I ever would have believed. You’ve given me a gift.

Thank you for teaching me about documentation. I understand that in any future event in which anyone in my family is accused of wrong doing, I must keep every single piece of information and evidence. You’ve helped me learn so much about appeals and policies. You’ve taught me to keep files, take pictures, and record events. This could be a lifesaver for me or some of my readers. It’s greatly appreciated.

It’s sad to learn that people in our local community are dishonest. Thank you for your help in learning what to look for to discover┬ádeceit and trickery. Next time I file any kind of complaint, I’ll know not to trust the person who transcribes my words and says she will file my complaint on my behalf. I’ll be sure to email, mail, or hand deliver the complaint myself. I’ve also learned that people higher up the ladder in large institutions are rarely on the side of truth and justice, but are also covering up to save their own self-images.

You’ve Taught My Kid Some Hard but Valuable Lessons

My daughter has also learned from you. She has learned that some adults have an obsession with control and power. She learned that people she thought she could trust are not always honest. You taught her about compassion and empathy by giving her the opportunity to watch others act in ways that lacked these emotions. She now understands how intimidation, threats, and bullying can hurt others. And finally, you taught her that, even though we’ve come a long way, boys and girls are not always treated equally. How can I ever repay you for this?

You showed her that many people still believe that children are only meant to be seen and not heard. She discovered that there are people in the world who will try to strip her of her rights to expression and freedom of speech. And in teaching her these things, you’ve also taught her to be independent, to speak out, and to attempt to call out others who abuse power. These are very valuable lessons indeed.

You helped her to understand pain and suffering. She even has physical scars to show how much you cared about her. She learned that one person can turn 25 people against her with a single poor decision. You taught her that we can’t always win in life. Sometimes we lose to those with more power. And that’s just the way it is, even if they cheat to win.

There’s So Much More That Could Be Said

I have so much more I’d like to say to you, but I don’t want to bog you down with details. You know how far your love and generosity have gone. Your deep respect for zero-tolerance is admirable.

Another valuable lesson you’ve taught me is that some people and situations aren’t really worth my time. Yes, you’ve shown me that it’s a waste of my own valuable time, emotional, and physical well-being to try to gain justice in certain situations. In some cases, life is worth more than revealing the truth. This is unfortunate because then people who act poorly continue to act poorly.

You’ve taught me that sometimes those who abuse power will never admit to their faults. I’ve learned that some people might manipulate official records, leave out important information, change codes, and that these things are deeply ingrained into the system. You’ve taught me that attempting ┬áto reveal truth in this system creates so much stress in my own life, that I’m better off to leave it alone.

How can I ever thank you enough? Your insights and lessons have done so much for me and my family. You’ve taught my daughter and me some very valuable lessons that will help us to both be more successful individuals as we journey through life. I will be forever grateful.

I thought of you this morning, just as my dog took a shit and I picked it up and threw it in the trash. Funny timing, but that inspired me to write this letter.

Yours fondly, (with foolishly optimistic hope or belief; naively)