50 Simple Super Habits for Success

Recently, I finished my Super Habits’ series. You can easily scroll through all 50 Super Habits by going to the category and clicking through the pages. But I thought I’d give readers a second option. So here’s a list with links to all 50 Super Habits.

  1. Get Up Early and Develop a Morning Routine
  2. Read Something Every Day
  3. Getting Regular Exercise
  4. Get Enough Sleep
  5. Avoid Time-Sucking Activities
  6. Practice Quiet Time
  7. Get Out and Walk
  8. Build Positive Relationships
  9. Pursue Some Goals
  10. Eat Your Oatmeal
  11. Be Grateful for What You Have
  12. Give Back
  13. Practice, Practice, Practice
  14. Practice Persistence
  15. A Little Self-Confidence Goes a Long Way
  16. Have a Little Patience
  17. Flexibility in Life
  18. Understand Your Why
  19. Live Like It’s Your Last Breath
  20. Do Your Research or Die 
  21. Always Make Time for Family
  22. Keep a Clean Inbox
  23. Focus on People, Not Devices
  24. Meditation
  25. Celebrate Outcomes Along the Way
  26. Put Your Fear to Work
  27. Be the Best Version of Yourself
  28. Stick-to-it-iveness
  29. Admit When You’re Wrong
  30. Surround Yourself With Mentors
  31. Ignore the Negative Criticism
  32. Accepting Constructive Criticism Gracefully
  33. Keep an Open Mind
  34. Practice Healthy Eating Habits
  35. Just Say No to Busy Work
  36. Finish What You Start
  37. Love the Journey
  38. Be an Early Adopter
  39. Don’t Overreact
  40. The Power of Positive Self Talk
  41. Write It Down
  42. Value the Power of Solitude
  43. Become a Self-Monitor
  44. Listen Up
  45. Stop Multitasking
  46. Get a Hobby or Two
  47. Take Time to Practice Reflective Thinking
  48. Keep Your Emotions in Check
  49. Have Some Fun
  50. Be Willing to Bend

There you go. All 50 Super Habits in one place. I hope you’ll take a little time to read through some of them.